Love What You Eat

How you eat is just as important as what you eat. When you maintain good rituals around your meal, you can get the most nutrients while still enjoying them to the fullest! Ditch the diet – make small food changes slowly and be easy on yourself. If you mess up, ask a buddy to keep […]

Got Sleep?

I used to think I had some magical power that gave me the ability to stay awake all night. I truly believed I didn’t need to sleep when I was younger. But we all need to sleep! Most adults need 7-8 hrs of consistent daily rest so their body and brain can recuperate and recharge. […]

Breakfast Hacks For Stellar Nutrition

Fueling the body is as important as moving it. Start your day with protein to keep it fueled throughout the day. Quick Scramble. Eggs are easy to prepare and filled with good fat and protein. A simple scramble can take just a few minutes. Toss on shredded cheese and add a side of sauteed greens, […]

A Morning Routine For A Winning Day

Your morning routine sets you up for a day of success. Some of the most successful start their mornings with a few of these activities: Mindfulness/Meditation/Breathing: Check out the yoga classes if you need some ideas on this. Journaling: Even if it is only 10 minutes the practice of getting your thoughts out on paper […]

How To Improve Productivity: Do More By Doing Less

Have you heard that multitasking can be a detriment to our productivity? When our brains have to constantly shift gears, it creates higher levels of cortisol. This causes more stress to your body and brain. Although you may feel as though you can juggle twenty things at once, those tasks won’t be done as well […]

3 Simple Ways To Get Up & MOVE

How much time do you move during the day? A sedentary lifestyle takes a huge toll on the body. Risks of sitting for extended periods of time are linked to: – Wear and tear on the spine & back muscles – Limits intake of oxygen to blood and brain – Excess body fat in the […]

What Are You Fighting For?: Welcome To Women’s Health Month!

Everyone talks about how joining the gym changes your life. You become confidant, stronger, healthier, happier, and so much more. We fail to notice or realize the support we receive and how close we become to the people we train with daily. That realization came to me the day I received my diagnosis for breast […]

Learning to Respect Yourself: A Look Ahead at Women’s Health Month

October is one of my favorite months for many reasons. I love the changing colors of the leaves, Halloween candy, sweaters and boots, and yes, pumpkin spice! October is also the month that my sweet, Grandma Annie died in 2010, and during this time of year I like to celebrate her memory and the lessons […]