3 Simple Ways To Get Up & MOVE

How much time do you move during the day?

A sedentary lifestyle takes a huge toll on the body. Risks of sitting for extended periods of time are linked to:

– Wear and tear on the spine & back muscles
– Limits intake of oxygen to blood and brain
– Excess body fat in the waist
– Increased blood pressure
– Increased blood sugar
– Cancer, diabetes, & heart disease

But a few simple changes in your daily routine can make a big transformation to your health and wellness.

Move every 30 minutes. Set a timer or find an app to remind you to get moving. When the timer goes off get up and do pushups, squats, or plank. Repeat once every 30 minutes, and change up the routine each time. To make it more fun, set up a competition with friends and coworkers to see who can do the most exercises in a minute!

Start your day with movement. Want to get you blood moving without coffee? As soon as you get up in the morning, spend two minutes with 2 minutes of action. Do a basic Tabata workout, 20 seconds on 10 seconds off. You can include planks, squats, wall sits.

Make veggies and vegging out active. While peeling carrots or watching television, sit in a squat position. Change the position up, sit cross-legged, legs wide. Get creative!

Photo from Unsplash, by Redd Angelo

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