SBG Coaches Set the Bar at Rev 40

TACOMA, WA, JULY 20TH & 21ST, 2019 – Revolution 40 Grappling Tournament

Athletes from Straight Blast Gym competed in the Revolution 40 Jiu Jitsu tournament on Saturday, July 20th and Sunday, July 21st in Tacoma, WA. They included youth and adult competitors, winning a total of 33 medals: 10 gold, 14 silver, and 9 bronze.

Head Coaches Kisa Davison (SBG Kalispell & Whitefish), Daniel di Stefano (SBG Whitefish), and Cody Bessette (SBG Bigfork) competed in the tournament alongside their students. Davison earned silver in her first tournament as Brown Belt, and di Stefano earned gold in his first tournament as Brown Belt. Bessette earned silver in the Purple Belt No Gi division. All three accomplished this while coaching their own students in the tournament.

“We had several coaches from all 4 locations compete alongside their students this weekend,” Head Coach Travis Davison said. “When coaches are honest and vulnerable it builds community in the gym and creates a culture where students feel safe to be vulnerable.”

These 1-on-1 matches expose the weaknesses of a martial artist’s game, and for a high-ranking coach, losing a match in front of students is very humbling.

“I like knowing that I don’t ask my students to do anything I’ve never done,” Di Stefano shared, “and that I can set an example on how to win and lose with sportsmanship.”

For these coaches, the true achievement is their growing competition team. “It’s fantastic that we have so many active competitors,” Di Stefano said. “It shows that SBG has given them confidence in their skills and cultivated an environment where people want to test themselves.”

“Having students that want to put what we teach them in the crucible of competition inspires me to be the best coach I can possibly be.”

Davison added, “Over the last 10+ years, SBG in Montana has grown from a 750 sq ft location in Kalispell to 4 locations with over 20,000 sq ft of space in Whitefish, Bigfork, Missoula, and Kalispell with a combined student population of over 1,000!”

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