SBG Black Belt & Coach Medals at IBJJF Worlds

LAS VEGAS, NV, AUGUST 24, 2019 – IBJJF World Master Championships

Six athletes from SBG Montana’s Competition Team competed in the International BJJ Federation World Master Championships in Las Vegas, NV, which took place from August 21st to the 24th.

Coach Leah Taylor won Gold in the Black Belt Division, making her a multiple time Masters 1 and 2 black belt world champion. Taylor commented, “I had one opponent in my weight [class]. I finally broke the curse of the black belt absolute and won one match in that division as well! I definitely left with some things to work on as usual.”

Head Coach Travis Davison of SBG Montana has coached Taylor at these tournaments over the years. Taylor expressed gratitude for the time and energy that Davison has invested into her success.

“Coach Travis has been with me for every major competition since white belt (11 years). He leaves his family, businesses, and personal life regularly to support his athletes. I am very grateful that he is in my corner. I couldn’t ask for a more devoted coach. He has helped me become a better person as well as a better athlete.”

Taylor was one of three SBG coaches who competed at Worlds. Head Coach Cody Bessette and Coach Aaron Westphal of SBG Montana – both purple belts – competed as well.

Coach Davison commented, “We couldn’t be prouder of our coaches, students, and friends Cody Bessette and Aaron Westphal. Both men put it on the line at IBJJF Masters Worlds and leading from the front for their students and children, who also competed! Well done, gentlemen.”

Coaches Bessette and Westphal both have children who competed in the tournament as well. Lex Bessette took Bronze and Mackenzie Westphal took silver. Both competed in the yellow belt division for their weight classes.

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