You Have Your Best Work To Look Forward To

By Head Coach Kisa Davison Earlier this year, my cousin Jenny died of cancer. When I saw her a few months ago, I said, “Are you afraid?” and she said, “No, I’m not afraid of dying. I’m mad because I’m not done yet.” We have work to do, and a lot of that work isn’t […]

Is Breakfast Important For Your Weight Loss Goals?

Even after thousands of years of civilization, the human body is still programmed to live in a cave. For example, goosebumps are caused by a pilomotor reflex, an involuntary muscle contraction that raises the hairs on your skin. Our primitive ancestors had much more hair, and this response kept them warm in cold temperatures. Metabolism […]

How To Make Time To Workout

The Tipping Point in Fitness Your health and wellness is not limited to the 2+ hours you make time to workout each week. The decision to workout starts before that moment of feeling too tired and deciding to sit on the couch. Believe it or not, there are actions you took and choices you made […]

Time to Get Motivated And Get Moving

Get the Motivation to Make the Biggest Change of Your Life When people call us inquiring about our programs, they’re all looking for an activity that gives them the motivation to get off the couch. But there’s a huge difference between the people who don’t get off the couch and those who do. Those that don’t […]