How To Make Time To Workout

The Tipping Point in Fitness

Your health and wellness is not limited to the 2+ hours you make time to workout each week. The decision to workout starts before that moment of feeling too tired and deciding to sit on the couch.

Believe it or not, there are actions you took and choices you made that led you to feel that way, which gives you actions and choices that can change how you feel.

You make choices when you pack your own lunch instead of eat out.

You make time to workout, when you make choices when you drink water instead of soda.

You make time to workout, when you choose your health when you read a book before bed instead of being on your phone.

You make time to workout, when you choose your health when the choices you make reflect the priorities that you have.

With Fitness there comes a point when students lose steam and talk themselves out of their program. They tell themselves that they are too busy or too tired to stay consistent with classes.

Making these simple choices will give you more time to workout and make you energized for class!

5 Ways To Make Time To Workout

Eat with intention: If you eat food that drains your body instead of energizing it, then you’re not going to feel motivated. Was it made in a plant, or did it grow on a plant? Choose whole, naturally grown food over processed foods, and you’ll feel more vitality for those one rep maxes and cardio days!

Also when you sit down to a meal, be mindful about your eating. Even if it is only for ten minutes, set aside your phone, pull up a pretty screen saver, and simply eat your meal. Do not read or respond to emails or look at social media.

Focus on your fork and your plate. Appreciate the food you are putting into your body. Reflect on what you are eating and appreciate how far an avocado and pineapple had to travel for you to enjoy it and the people that helped it grow. Enjoy it and taste it!

Drink Water: How much water are you drinking? Actual water! Coffee and juices don’t count. Drinking sugary beverages or energy drinks will make your blood sugar spike, leaving you feeling drained. Drinking water before a workout will keep you hydrated and energized.

Get Sleep: The amount and quality of sleep that you get can make or break your training regimen. Aim for 8 hours. Many experts advise turning off any devices an hour before you are going to sleep. Make your bedroom a comfortable environment where you can settle down and relax. Read a book or write in your journal.

Prepare the night before: Set out the clothes you will need for the next day. If you drink coffee or tea prep that as well. Make your lunch, prep or make breakfast, make your snacks so you are prepared to eat well the next day. The preparation can be done as you are cooking dinner or cleaning up after dinner. If you have kids get them to help (so they learn good habits and you have some family time). You can turn on music or your favorite show or turn everything off and allow it to be quiet time. Just make it your time.

Move: Every hour to 45 minutes get up stretch, do some squats, do a handstand! Get your body moving!

If we bring the unconscious to the conscious, then we can make better decisions for ourselves and set ourselves up for success. Take a few minutes to identify your goals. What habits/decisions are keeping you from achieving them? What small thing can you do to make it more doable? When we “own” our life we give ourselves the power to make change.

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