You Have Your Best Work To Look Forward To

By Head Coach Kisa Davison

Earlier this year, my cousin Jenny died of cancer.

When I saw her a few months ago, I said, “Are you afraid?” and she said, “No, I’m not afraid of dying. I’m mad because I’m not done yet.”

We have work to do, and a lot of that work isn’t about what’s outside of you. And the best work is about what’s inside of you and what’s between us.

The work that she told me that she was not yet done with had to do with raising her 14-year-old twin boys.

And it wasn’t necessarily about teaching them to make their beds and be responsible, because she’s done a fantastic job of that already.

It was about how to have a relationship, how to hold a job, how to lift weights properly. She bought them weights for Christmas. She asked me to film some videos with my kids so they would learn the proper way, because “You know how teenage boys are.”

When I came home from visiting her, I made that list for myself, and I asked myself, “What are all the things I’m not done with yet?”

The biggest thing I’m not done with yet is not only my own exploration of what’s inside. But it’s also sharing with you all at SBG Yoga what there is for you to explore.

It’s not about doing it right.

It’s not about doing it perfectly.

It’s about doing you.

So thank you all for the work you do at SBG Yoga.

Thank you for continuing your own journey and your own lives. Let it only be full of love.

There’s more work to do and it’s up to us to do it.

Photo Credit: Ary Dalton