Time to Get Motivated And Get Moving

Get the Motivation to Make the Biggest Change of Your Life

When people call us inquiring about our programs, they’re all looking for an activity that gives them the motivation to get off the couch.

But there’s a huge difference between the people who don’t get off the couch and those who do.

Those that don’t get off the couch think about their physical health, but they don’t take the first vital steps to change their life.

They dwell on the same problems that constantly overwhelm them. They don’t have anything that relieves their anxiety, and they’re constantly stressed out.

Those that do get off the couch understand that nothing matters more than their physical health.

Those students make time to get to the gym during their lunch hour or after work. They come in thinking about something that went wrong at work or difficulty at home.

They drag themselves here, feeling tired and overwhelmed, and they feel like they should be spending time working on the things that keep them up at night.

Instead, they roll on the mat for an hour or longer. Their mind is on training, improving their skills, and not getting choked out. When they get off the mat, instead of being tired and overwhelmed, they are re-energized and clear-headed.

Taking a break from their problems gives them clarity to face them with a fresh perspective.

I’ve never seen someone who quit BJJ and was better off six months later. There are more than just physical benefits, such as weight management and exercise.

There are mental benefits. I hear people describe their yoga practice in the same way. You can’t be thinking about the past or the future, because your mind has to be in the present moment to focus on what’s going on in the body.

No good ever came from dwelling on your problems. But using rigorous exercise as a way to channel everything that you keep pent up is exactly the sort of activity that can help you navigate your way out of a problem.

Coach Travis