How To Make Time To Workout

The Tipping Point in Fitness Your health and wellness is not limited to the 2+ hours you make time to workout each week. The decision to workout starts before that moment of feeling too tired and deciding to sit on the couch. Believe it or not, there are actions you took and choices you made […]

Are You Ready For Transformation?

“Transformation” is a word is used readily and easily, but what does it really mean? To transform is to change completely. To change in composition or structure, to change in the outward form or appearance, to change in character or condition. At SBG the Training For Warriors Transformation will not only transform your strength and […]

Why SBG Fitness?

When you come in for strength and conditioning class, you can expect to push yourself in a way you never thought you could do on your own. Maybe you’ll try a new lift, or you’ll reset your attitude about your body and your life. Pushing yourself to try new things or see life through a […]

Building a Better Self Image

In my line of work, I come face to face on a regular basis with women and men who suffer from an array of challenges that are based in an inaccurate view of their bodies. From disordered eating to over-exercising, the behaviors are sometimes veiled by their efforts to “get in shape” or “eat healthy”. […]