Why SBG Fitness?

When you come in for strength and conditioning class, you can expect to push yourself in a way you never thought you could do on your own.

Maybe you’ll try a new lift, or you’ll reset your attitude about your body and your life.

Pushing yourself to try new things or see life through a different lens is exactly what will help you make changes and find success. If you stick with our Warrior Training program you will do just that.

Realizing your goals takes practice with serious focus over a long period of time. That is to say, it takes grit. And that is what our program is all about.

  1. Learn About Yourself. True progress takes time. The latest fad or machine program can be a lot of fun and great exercise for the mind and body. But these programs skip over a more serious and thoughtful practice, and after a few months your interest may fade. When you stick with a committed practice, you get to learn about your body and watch yourself grow.
  2. You practice. You practice your squats, your dead-lifts, your chin-ups, and curls with attention so you learn about your body and the nuances of our movements. Physically we have patterns in our movements that can be both beneficial and harmful. As we practice these movements in the gym we learn how to make improvements in our lives when we are off the mats, lifting boxes, or hiking. We even practice having good attitudes, which uplifts us in our life outside the gym.
  3. Tribe. You are not alone on this trek to a healthier you. We are a tribe, a community. Your tribe will support you on tough days, on great days, and even just our normal days. We cheer you on when your squats improve and when there is success in ‘real’ life.
  4. More Confidence. As you practice, your confidence grows. Not only in your body but also in your abilities to succeed in other aspects of our life. We work with you to make change and cultivate hope.

Our program is not just about strengthening your body; it is about the strength and conditioning of your mind and overall well-being.

What are your goals? Let’s work together to achieve them

Coach Julia

For more on Grit check out Angela Duckworth on Ted Talks.

Join us for our Health & Wellness talk!
Monday, February 27th from 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm in Kalispell

Physical activity is only part of the equation when we are looking to improve our overall health and wellness. Spend an hour with a panel of your favorite SBG Strength and Conditioning Coaches and learn concrete tools to improve your nutrition.

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