Are You Ready For Transformation?

“Transformation” is a word is used readily and easily, but what does it really mean?

To transform is to change completely. To change in composition or structure, to change in the outward form or appearance, to change in character or condition.

At SBG the Training For Warriors Transformation will not only transform your strength and fitness but also your mental fortitude and self-esteem.

Training For Warriors is a life-style and training program. The coaches are there to support you by bringing out the warrior within.

Amy started taking yoga classes with her sister. While she enjoyed the classes, she was really interested in strength and conditioning.

Amy travels often, and she found that she had trouble lifting her bag up to place it in the overhead storage and often needed help. Amy was also working for a boss, who was “a total lunatic”, and she knew that if she didn’t start something for herself, she would have completely lost her mind.

Her first goal was to be more self-sufficient. Amy trained regularly in the Warrior Program at SBG. She started in our Gentle Warrior program and with consistency her strength and mobility improved. Wanting to push herself even further, she moved up to the Warrior Woman program.

By making strength and conditioning and yoga part of her life-style, Amy can now lift 65lbs over her head, with excellent form! Beyond the physical accomplishments, Amy is part of a supportive team, where achievements are celebrated and obstacles are overcome with dedicated work and practice.

Not only did Amy see changes in her physical abilities, she saw major changes in her personal life as well. That boss I was telling you about? He got fired, while Amy was able to keep her job. Amy raves about our Training for Warriors program, saying:

“If this seems daunting to you, anyone can do this program. [Coaches] Kisa, Julia, Jen, Erin, Bekah, and Leah kept believing in me, so here I am at almost 62, and I can keep up with those wee ones! SBG is my community!”

The next 8-week transformation starts on April 10th. Mark your calendars, call us at SBG and get ready for fun, hard work and life-long learning to begin.

Kalispell: (406) 752-7244

Whitefish: (406) 862-7244