Want To Be Your Best Self? Train Jiu Jitsu

By Head Coach Travis Davison I was already fighting people before I knew jiu jitsu. And then I went to jiu jitsu with my brother. We joined on the same night.  Within the first week we were sitting in a bar in Portland, and we looked at each other and were like, “Man, I’m glad […]

SBG MT Competition Team A Strong Force At Revolution Tournament

TACOMA, WA, MARCH 2ND & 3RD, 2019 – REVOLUTION 39 BJJ TOURNAMENT Competitors from all 4 SBG gyms in Montana competed at the Revolution 39 BJJ Tournament in Tacoma, WA on Saturday, March 2nd and Sunday, March 3rd. They were joined by a competitor from SBG gyms in Boise, ID, and Edmonton, AB. With 27 […]

This Is The Greatest Benefit of Jiu Jitsu

By Head Coach Travis Davison When people think of the benefits of jiu jitsu, they usually think about getting fit, stress relief, or self defense. They usually think about winning a fight with other people, but they may not think about winning a fight with themselves. They may not think about how it teaches you […]

Training for Self Defense: A Gun Won’t Kill You But This Will

By Head Coach Travis Davison SBG Ireland Head Coach John Kavanagh tells his students to train for what is most likely to happen. For everyday people like you and me, that is not acts of terrorism or someone holding a gun to your head. If you’re in law enforcement or the military, then your chances […]

SBG North Signs Di Stefano As Partner

WHITEFISH, MT, FEBRUARY 20, 2019 SBG Whitefish is excited to announce that Coach Daniel Di Stefano has signed on as a managing partner for SBG North LLC. Di Stefano has been coaching at SBG Whitefish since 2017 and received his black belt from Owner and Head Coach Travis Davison in 2018. “Our reach within Montana […]

Why You Need To Take Your MMA Training All The Way

By Head Coach Travis Davison When I’m sparring with a student I can tell when they think to themselves, “I can’t do this.” They go for a throw or a takedown, and I can feel the moment when they think to themselves, “I’m not sure I can do this.” They don’t commit and stop halfway. […]

Why You Need to stay focused and Passionate

By Head Coach Travis Davison When Kisa started yoga and I started martial arts, nobody told me that there was a possibility of making a living doing the thing was passionate about. I worked construction and I spent our money to do martial arts. Pursuing your passion wasn’t considered practical. That’s what I thought the […]

Your Life Is Not Like Others. Make It Great.

By Head Coach Travis Davison Every week I get a message from a student who is either traveling out of town or moving, and they ask, “Hey, is there an SBG in _____ .” This is a funny thing to say. They don’t ask whether there’s a jiu jitsu school. They ask whether there’s an […]

How To Raise the Kind of Leader Others Want to Follow

By Head Coach Kisa Davison In my Spider Monkeys class in Whitefish, I gave a child Move of the Day, because he did well in class. But I learned not long after, that he was hitting another student when the two of them were lined up for their breakout session. Both children were responsible, but […]

What Happens When You Get Frustrated at Something New

By Head Coach Travis Davison I had a student come up to me after Wimp 2 Warrior practice the other day, and she said she was getting frustrated because she couldn’t remember the moves that she’d been practicing. This is a common BJJ white belt frustration. It’s a totally normal thing to experience when you’re […]