SBG North Signs Di Stefano As Partner


SBG Whitefish is excited to announce that Coach Daniel Di Stefano has signed on as a managing partner for SBG North LLC. Di Stefano has been coaching at SBG Whitefish since 2017 and received his black belt from Owner and Head Coach Travis Davison in 2018.

“Our reach within Montana has expanded tremendously,” Owner and Head Coach Kisa Davison shared. “We look forward to further growth of membership numbers and greater development in the training programs that we know help enrich the community.”

“Martial arts is one of the greatest passions of my life,” Di Stefano said. “I’m excited to focus full-time on helping others achieve their goals in a pursuit that has added so much to my life.”

Di Stefano is a Flathead Valley native who began training with Davison nearly 10 years ago. Since then he has become Davison’s 4th black belt and an experienced MMA fighter. But Davison said that what really impressed him is Di Stefano’s coaching prowess.

Davison shared, “His classes are well attended and continue to grow. He gives freely of his time on the weekends to coach and corners our growing competition team in MMA, Boxing, and jiu jitsu.

With BJJ gyms throughout North America, Ireland, and the U.K., SBG’s strengths come from its diverse coaching styles. As Di Stefano’s role at SBG grows, he will be bringing his energy and insight to the organization.

Davison continues, “He is a martial artist with a cerebral approach and a passion for what we do at SBG. I am excited to have be a part of the ownership in Whitefish and look forward to his contribution to SBG’s continued growth in Montana.

Di Stefano’s leadership, passion, and drive to improve others promises to enrich the Whitefish community.

“As SBG Whitefish continues to grow, we will continue to contribute to the Whitefish community at large as we help grow healthy, strong kids, and produce leaders and exceptional athletes of all ages.”