Why You Need to stay focused and Passionate

By Head Coach Travis Davison

When Kisa started yoga and I started martial arts, nobody told me that there was a possibility of making a living doing the thing was passionate about. I worked construction and I spent our money to do martial arts. Pursuing your passion wasn’t considered practical.

That’s what I thought the relationship was supposed to be. I go do a job that I don’t really like that much in order to make this paper, and then I take this paper and I give it to somebody else to do the things I do want to do. I didn’t realize it could go in reverse.

And I’m not telling you to quit your job and start a business or open a jiu jitsu school. But something I ask my students when they want to become coaches is, “What drives you?”

What are you passionate about? Be honest with yourself. Do you really want to do what it is you’re doing? Because if you’re not passionate about it, then you won’t be successful.

You see it with the students in our gym. They find something in their training that they’re passionate about. Maybe they love a new challenge or enjoy learning a new skill. It gives them intrinsic motivation to be consistent and disciplined in their training.

Then some distraction comes along, and they lose focus of doing the thing they love.

The #1 Training Killer

I see it in the young guys in our martial arts programs all the time. They start training and they get really good at martial arts. They get confident, fit, and self-assured.

And guess what happens? Girls start to notice them.

The next thing I know, I haven’t seen them in 3 months or 6 months or even a year.

Just as guys are getting good and getting into their training, they disappear as soon as they enter a relationship. Then that relationship becomes their only passion.

Outside of injury, the number one reason for a broken routine is relationships, but a broken routine is also a cause for relationships breaking up.

Who wants to date a milk toast, vanilla guy who’s got no interest outside of following you around? Nobody. You want to be with somebody who has interests, who’s passionate about life, and who’s excited about things.

Pursuing your passion is what makes you attractive in the first place and when you start doing that then you’ll notice other things falling into place. The confidence you feel will express itself in other areas in your life, and you’ll notice small successes building up.

But do not let that distract you from training. This success that’s coming to you? It’s because of your training.

When you keep pursuing your passion and showing up to training, the success will keep coming.

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Photo Credit: Ary Dalton