SBG MT Competition Team A Strong Force At Revolution Tournament


Competitors from all 4 SBG gyms in Montana competed at the Revolution 39 BJJ Tournament in Tacoma, WA on Saturday, March 2nd and Sunday, March 3rd. They were joined by a competitor from SBG gyms in Boise, ID, and Edmonton, AB.

With 27 athletes competing this was one of the largest contingents of SBG Montana competitors at the Northwest tournament.

Katrina Schmale of SBG Edmonton made the most stunning performance. Schmale took home 4 gold in Gi, No Gi, and Absolute Gi and No Gi divisions.

Schmale shared of her experience, “It’s one thing to have the opportunity to learn and train with phenomenal coaches. But it’s another thing when those coaches are also amazing human beings. Thank you Coach Travis [Davison], Leah [Taylor], and Michael [Ransom] for investing time into me the past couple weeks and to all the people at SBG Montana who welcomed me with open arms!”

SBG Missoula’s Head BJJ Coach Gus Nolte took home double gold in the black belt gi and no gi divisions.

Head Coach Travis Davison of SBG Montana said that it was impressive to watch Coach Nolte “compete at the black belt level in the morning, win two gold medals, and then coach his students throughout the day. It’s pretty awesome to watch one of your long-time students become a black belt, coach, and owner.”

Even more significant was the comeback that their Competition Team made after tough matches at February’s IBJJF Kids Pan Ams in Long Beach, CA.

Davison continued, “We traveled to California a couple of weeks ago and did not win a single match but this weekend was a completely different story with almost every competitor medalling.”

Isabella Downing (11 years old) was one of those competitors. Downing took silver in the Gi and No Gi divisions. Her mother, Kristin Downing, praised the SBG coaches for making competition the experience of a lifetime.

“[Downing] truly holds this sport close to her heart and it shows. This love is fueled by her coaches Travis [Davison] and Michael [Ransom] that always push her to be better and by her teammates at SBG in Whitefish, Kalispell, and Bigfork. We are truly lucky to have SBG and all it offers to all of my family members.”



  • Amy Talarico – White Belt – Gi, Silver
  • Alisha Hoskins – Blue Belt – Gi, Silver – No Gi, Bronze
  • Katrina Schmale – Blue Belt – Gi, Gold – No Gi, Gold – Absolute Gi, Gold – Absolute No Gi, Gold
  • Patrick Brooks – Blue Belt – No Gi, Silver
  • Sierra Benjamin – Blue Belt – Gi, Bronze
  • Hannah Ellison – Purple Belt – Gi, Silver – No Gi, Silver
  • Gus Nolte – Black Belt – Gi, Gold – No Gi, Gold


  • Kailey Frank – White Belt – No Gi, Silver
  • Lili Sells – White Belt – Gi, Bronze
  • Eva Heil – Grey Belt – No Gi, Bronze
  • Kellen Dahlman – Grey Belt – Gi, Gold – No Gi, Gold
  • Lex Bessette – Grey Belt – Gi, Gold – No Gi, Gold
  • Maci Pickens – Grey Belt – No Gi, Silver
  • Pawl Bryman – Grey Belt – No Gi, Bronze
  • Charlotte Brents – Yellow Belt – Gi, Bronze – No Gi, Gold
  • Isabella Downing – Yellow Belt – Gi, Silver – No Gi, Gold
  • Cash Burgess – Orange – Gi, Gold – No Gi, Silver