3 Fantastic Ways Buddy Week Will Transform Your Life

At first Tawny Haynes was very reluctant to start BJJ. Her friend Nelson had been trying to talk her into it, but it always looked intimidating to her. She was so afraid of getting hurt that she put it off for a long time.

SBG’s Buddy Week helped her summon that courage. “I came in for Buddy Week and came to a CAP class with him and I just fell in love with it.”

Less than a year later, Tawny is one of our most dedicated BJJ students and competitive athletes. Making that choice to be Nelson’s buddy at Buddy Week made a transformative impact on her life.

For Tawny, SBG’s martial arts program is so much more than regular exercise or a competitive sport. It’s something that allowed her to find herself and her community. The benefits that she found can transform your life.

Pursue a new challenge. Training gave Tawny an outlet for herself. Before BJJ, her life was about being a mom and taking care of her kids. She protects that time so that she always has that time for herself. “I plan activities with friends so I don’t have to miss a class. If I’m in Missoula or Whitefish, I can catch a class there. It’s the same vibe everywhere. The one tribe one vibe, they really live that out.”

Discover a new you. Tawny was surprised at how much she enjoyed it, and it has impacted her life outside the gym as well. She carries herself differently and says, “I’m more confident about who I am and what I’m capable of.”

Discovering a tribe. The gym community and tribe is what Tawny loves most about training. “Everyone is friendly and everybody wants to help you.” Being part of a tribe has been the greatest transformation of all.

So what would Tawny say to someone who is on the fence like she was?”

“Just do it. I was on the fence for a long time because I was intimidated and scared. And once I did it I wish I’d done it sooner. It doesn’t hurt to try it. You come in for Buddy Week and try a class if for some reason you don’t like it, then it’s an hour of your life” But if you do like it, she says, it will transform your life.

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