PRESS RELEASE: SBG Builds Kids’ Confidence to Bust Bullies

KALISPELL, MT, February 23, 2018 – Straight Blast Gym Bully Buster Seminar

Approximately 50 children attended Straight Blast Gym of Montana’s Bully Buster Seminar on Saturday, February 23rd. Children ages 5-13 from all over the valley attended the free event with the support of their peers who are students in SBG’s kids martial arts program.

The workshop presented a key part of the gym’s Growing Gorillas program, a kids’ martial arts curriculum that promotes physical fitness, while building confidence in children.

The workshop presented guidelines to follow when a child is bullied: Speak Up, Speak Out, and Stand Tall.

Children are taught to first Speak Up to the bully, and if the bullying continues, they Speak Out, by telling an adult. SBG Coaches emphasized to “Stand Tall” and physically engage a bully only when a child feels physically threatened.

SBG’s qualified coaches taught children two simple Brazilian Jiu Jitsu moves that can subdue a bully without causing physical harm or escalating the situation.

Kate Riggles, a BJJ student and Growing Gorillas parent, stated:

“Being a part of something so great, so real, and so important is truly life changing. Bully Busters was pretty stinkin’ rad today, bringing out confidence in each kid and an understanding that there are options. Speak up, Speak out. You have a friend here. From fighting for and with our kids to building an army of strong brave genuine woman. I can’t say enough good things about this place. SBG is an amazing journey.”

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