SBG Yoga Is For Athletes

How Yoga Improves Training for Any Athlete Yoga for athletes seems like a a no-brainer. It seems logical that an athlete would prefer to prevent an injury that would take them off the mats. Yet [...]

Reach Your 2018 Goals With SBG

How To Have The Freedom To Reach Your Goals When you hear me talk about goals such as doing planks, spending time in the sauna, intermittent fasting, or working out with my family in the morning, [...]

YOMO Week 1 Restorative and Pranayama

Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall Position) Since it is standing pose week, there is no better restorative position for standing than Viparita Karani, most commonly called “Legs up the Wall”. [...]

Self Care For The Warrior Woman

Most people are quick to treat physical pain and injuries yet easily ignore psychological pain until it can have lasting negative consequences. We are always hardest on ourselves. When your own [...]