SBG Athlete Rises to Champion AT IBJJF Worlds

LONG BEACH, CA, MAY 31, 2019 – 2019 International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation World Championships

SBG’s Katrina Schmale won the women’s Blue Belt Medium Heavy Weight Division at the 2019 International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation World Championships On Friday, May 31st.

In a single elimination event, Schmale won 5 matches. by submission: the 1st by wrist lock, the 2nd by triangle choke, the 3rd & 4th by armbar, and the 5th by armbar from triangle choke. In all, there were 22 competitors in her division.

“A lot of different things went into my preparation for Worlds but I simply decided to put in as much time on the mat as I possibly could,” Schmale said. “I put in 3-4 hours almost every day around my job as well as take time off work to travel to Montana to train and compete where I was able to test and improve my game with the help of all the coaches and training partners there.”

Head Coach Travis Davison said that it’s that it takes a unique set of qualities to coach a world champion. “They have to be intrinsically motivated, hyper-focused, and willing to listen. Schmale is all those things and more. She is very coachable, hard-working, and passionate about jiu jitsu.”

Following this victory, Schmale will not rest on her laurels. Her sights are set for greater accomplishments. “I want to work on my weaknesses as well as build and support the women’s program at SBG Edmonton here in Alberta.”

Davison sees even greater potential in Schmale. “At 21 years of age and just 2 years of training, Schmale can pursue being the best in the world of all belts. I promoted her to purple belt on the podium and challenged her to return next year as purple belt champion.”

Schmale stated her intention to accept that challenge. “I’ll be preparing to head to Worlds next year and take home gold again, this time as purple belt.”