When You Are A Better Person, the World Is A Better Place

By Head Coach Kisa Davison

Everything I know about learning from difficulty, I learned from the Kansas state motto.

Ad astra per aspera.

To the stars through difficulty.

I used to think that come hell or high water, no matter what the difficulty was, by gun I was going to get to those stars!

Now, as I am more mature and wiser I’m starting to see that’s how you get to the stars. You’ve got to have a little difficulty to learn these lessons.

I don’t ever want to learn something from someone who finds it easy, because they’ve never had to go through the tough stuff.

I would take a headstand class from someone who has struggled with headstands because they have experienced things that I haven’t.

When I started training in yoga, I didn’t have a problem going upside down. So when I became a teacher, I had to break it down and figure out what problems my students were having. Someone who has struggled with headstands, having learned from that

Following in the Footsteps of Leaders

Our coaches were once SBG students themselves, and they had the same struggles that you had when they first started training. But learning from difficulty teaches you the most valuable lessons.

After all, that’s how Dorothy gets to Oz and back home to Kansas. She follows the Yellow Brick Road. And where does that road take her? Right through the witch’s forest with those flying monkeys and the trees that throw apples at you.

But it’s also how she meets the Tin Man. It’s how she goes on this journey where she learns to face adversity, helps others, discovers her tribe, and finds her courage. She gains gifts that she only could have gained by going through difficulty.

So cheers to learning from difficulty and let’s reach for those stars!

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Photo Credit: Ary Dalton

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