How Successful Fitness Warriors Prepare For A Workout

Any great Fitness Warrior knows that what they do before a workout is just as important as what they do during a workout.

Besides eating well, hydration is the most important tool a successful fitness warrior has to prepare for a workout.

Fortunately, drinking more water is one of the easiest habits you can build! Just follow a few of these simple tips:

  1. Keep a water bottle on your desk at work. It’s handy and encourages you to drink throughout the day.
  2. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. It’s a healthy morning habit when your body is dehydrated after a night of sleep. Already, your day is off to a great start!
  3. Replace soda, juice, or caffeinated drinks with water. Simply replacing one serving of soda, juice, or caffeinated drinks is a step toward making healthier choices.
  4. Have a 1 to 1 rule for drinking alcohol. If you’re drinking with friends and family, drink one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage. It’s a sure way to stay hydrated and prevent any next morning regrets!
  5. Drink 20 oz of water 2 hours before your workout. Set a timer 2 hours in advance of your workout or when you wake up for a morning workout.
  6. Make it spicy! Like spicy foods? Here’s an excuse to drink more of them! Plus, spicy foods are good for metabolism!

Not sure how much water you should drink? Check out the chart below to give you an idea. Even if you don’t drink as much as the recommended amount, just taking a few sips throughout the day can go a long way!