How Training in Something New Brings Amazing Results

Lori Adams’ training at SBG started like most people who train at our gym. She was searching for something more.

She had already been training at Flathead Fitness through a program her employer offered and was successful in losing weight. But she was looking for something to give her more.

After talking to Karen Webster, who trains in Warrior Fitness, she decided to try Buddy Week. Lori said that she was “looking for someone to tell me what to do.”

It wasn’t long before she immersed herself in martial arts and yoga. Lori was always interested in martial arts, but she was hesitant to do so. She didn’t feel physically inclined, and she never thought it was something she could do.

“I was talking to Kisa, and I told her I thought I was too old and not athletic enough.” With Coach Kisa’s encouragement, Lori added jiu jitsu…and yoga.

“Kisa forced me to do yoga.”

Thanks to the encouragement of a friend and a coach, Lori now trains in 3 disciplines at SBG.

Tribe Makes Training Better

Expanding her training, trying something new, and doing things she never thought she could do has given Lori more confidence.

Plus, the accountability gave Lori more than she imagined. The camaraderie and fun and friendly atmosphere, Lori says, doesn’t make her think of training as exercise.

“If you go to another gym, nobody talks to each other.” Lori says she was surprised to find out how nice everyone is.

The options in the schedule make it possible for a busy person like Lori to train as much as she does. What would she say to someone who says they don’t have time to train?

“Everybody has time to do something if they want to. There’s no reason you can’t make one of those classes.”

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