How to Defend Yourself Like a Warrior Woman

Kelly Herron’s story of surviving a sexual assault is so incredible that it went viral.

On March 5, 2017, she was going for a jog in a Seattle park when she stopped to use a public restroom. She was attacked by a man who attempted to rape her, but she successfully fought him off. Her GPS tracked the entire struggle, and the map shows erratic red lines where the struggle occurred.

Herron didn’t survive out of luck or with fancy fighting moves. She survived because she used self-defense with a Warrior Woman mindset.

What is the Warrior Woman Mindset?

Awareness. Herron said that while she was drying her hands, she “became aware that something was wrong.” That’s when she turned around and saw her attacker.

A Warrior Woman is aware of her surroundings and trusts her instincts.

“Not Today”. Throughout the entire struggle, Herron never gave up. She yelled “not today m****er” repeatedly. She fought with the determination to survive and didn’t stop until she made it to safety. She didn’t relent and gave it her all.

A Warrior Woman tells herself that she will survive.

Keep it simple. Herron didn’t get caught up in fancy fighting moves that only Chuck Norris could pull off. She remembered one simple move from a self-defense class and repeated it over and over again. It was an effective move that helped her fight off her attacker.

A Warrior Woman uses practical self-defense moves.

Show up. Just 3 weeks before the attack, Herron took a self-defense class offered through her employer. She took her personal safety into her own hands by learning how to defend herself.

A Warrior Woman makes her safety a priority.

If somebody is going to try and take your power away from you, make them earn it and put up a fight. Join a movement of Warrior Women who are saying, “Not today.”

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