Reach Your 2018 Goals With SBG

How To Have The Freedom To Reach Your Goals

When you hear me talk about goals such as doing planks, spending time in the sauna, intermittent fasting, or working out with my family in the morning, you may tell yourself “I couldn’t do that” or “I’m not a morning person” or even “I hate planks”.

It’s not about whether you do planks or spend time in the sauna or even do intermittent fasting. It’s about having the discipline to take control of your life.

If you dream of transforming your life, you may have a misconception about time and the freedom to live the life you dream of.

You may think that freedom is doing whatever you want with your time, sleeping as late as you want, and have as many choices as possible.

But how often do you make the most of that time? How often do you make a choice to move one step closer to your goals? How do you make yourself accountable for your time and choices?

Doing planks makes me accountable for becoming stronger.

Intermittent fasting makes me accountable to do food prep and eat consistent, nutritious meals.

Going to the gym and working out with my family makes me accountable for doing healthy activities with my wife and kids.

It’s not what you do to push yourself. It’s about having the discipline to follow through with it. It’s about making it a priority and holding yourself accountable.

Getting up early, sticking to a schedule, and having a routine may seem too rigid, but the people who don’t have that discipline are a slave to life. They don’t have control over their lives, and they let things happen to them. For these people, achieving their goals always feels impossible.

With discipline, you have the freedom to make things happen. Getting up early gives you have the freedom to do activities that matter most to you. Sticking to a schedule helps you do something every day to get closer to your goals. Having a routine opens the path to achieving your dreams.

If transforming your life and making better choices is truly that important to you, then the only way to do that is by pushing yourself further than you think you’re capable.

Nobody is going to make those changes for you. Nobody is going to hold you accountable for getting stronger, going to the gym, eating better, or changing your lifestyle. All the coaches and students in your tribe have your back and support you in improving, but at the end of the day, only you can make those changes.

Freedom is gained from having the discipline to set a schedule and make yourself accountable to it. Freedom is gained from having the discipline to push yourself a little more each day.

What can you do today to make you one step closer to your goals? What can you do today to give yourself that freedom?

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