SBG Bigfork Head Coach Takes Double Gold In Seattle IBJJF Open

SEATTLE, WA, AUGUST, 5, 2017 – Seattle International Open IBJJF Championship

Straight Blast Gym’s Cody Bessette dominated the Seattle International IBJJF Championship in Seattle. The local athlete took gold in both the Masters 2 Medium Heavy and Masters 2 Absolute division.

Bessette said of the experience:

“The biggest emotion I felt after my performance was gratitude. Not only for my family, team, and Coaches, but for the JiuJitsu community as a whole. As a competitor I strive to better myself everyday. I thank Head Coach Travis Davison, Coach Leah Taylor, Coach Gus Nolte, and every teammate throughout SBG far and wide. I was able to see for myself what it means to be part of a Tribe. I traveled to Seattle and met with a teammates from Edmonton, Burien, Boise, and was Coached by Scott Thometz out of SBG Idaho. We all came together and represented SBG as it should.”

Head Coach Scott Thometz of SBG Idaho shared:

“Cody showed amazing technique in his matches. He used beautiful sweeps to establish dominant top control and then submitted his opponents. That is what Jiu Jitsu is all about. Looking forward to watching him compete at Worlds in a few weeks.”

Bessette’s next tournament will be Masters World Championship in Las Vegas on August 26th. Bessette will also be opening a Straight Blast Gym in Bigfork in the fall that will offer a kids martial arts program.

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