4 Things Every Parent Of A Growing Gorilla Should Know

I’m regularly asked by parents how SBG’s Growing Gorillas program has benefited my children and what I give is a deluge of responses: confidence, problem-solving skills, socialization, structure, discipline, connection, physical strength, and of course fun!

But if there was one thing that had the greatest impact on them, it is that Growing Gorillas taught my kids to be resilient.

Growing Gorillas teaches them how to think their way through problems. When things don’t go their way – whether on the mats, at school or at home – they re-focus and bounce back.

They learn that hard work and dedication leads to advancement but not always on the timeline they expected. So they forge ahead, craving the reward of recognition but making huge cognitive and physical advances in the process.

Our youngest is uber-social, and his need for constant peer interaction was leading to some trouble at school. Several notes were sent home, mentioning what a sweet boy he was but that he was having a difficult time focusing in class. All he wanted to do was play, play, play!

My oldest was the polar opposite. She was quiet, shy, and trying to find her way in a classroom full of big personalities.

One of the primary goals of the Growing Gorillas program is to instill unshakable confidence in children. SBG Bigfork will provide all of the benefits of Travis and Kisa Davison’s renowned program, only a half mile from Bigfork School. Children will learn verbal assertiveness, life skills, and non-violent self-defense techniques that will help them stay safe, confident and bully proof.

You’ll quickly learn that this is more than an after school program, and these successes happen only with your involvement as a parent.

Here are the 4 most important things you need to know about being the parent of a Growing Gorilla:

1. Support your child’s training outside of class. This program teaches respect in school, at home, and in a training environment.

Your child will be completing “homework” tasks like cleaning their rooms without being asked, offering to fold laundry, make beds, open doors, say “please” and “thank you.” And here’s the best part: they will be eager to do it! You’ll see. It’s magical.

2. Understand the curriculum. The Growing Gorillas program is a childhood development and lifestyle-training program anchored by Jiu Jitsu. Kids train and play games not realizing that each exercise is designed to address a life skill that will benefit them at school, at home, and in relationships.

You’ll receive a handout of the class curriculum in your consultation folder, or ask the staff at the front desk for a copy. Follow along with the curriculum so you can see the great strides that your child is making.

3. Pack a water bottle & snacks with your child’s uniform. Have snacks ready after training! I couldn’t believe how hungry my kids were after class until I did a quick Google search on calories burned practicing Jiu Jitsu.

If your kids are like mine, they’ll need a hearty snack after practice, and it will be a great lesson in healthy habits!

4. Get Involved With the Tribe! All of the social hierarchy nonsense that plagues the playground will melt away when kids are suited up in their gi’s and learning how to be good training partners.

Friendships are forged through mutual effort and respect. Come to the socials, donate to the fundraisers, or even better, become a student yourself!

The program provides structure, encourages focus, and inspires our children to set and achieve goals. They take the initiative. They reap the benefits and rewards. They own this corner of their lives.

I could tell my kids every day how wonderful they are, how talented, kind, strong, and so on, and it wouldn’t mean a thing compared to the feeling of earning a stripe on their belt. That stripe belongs to them.