From Shy To Bold: How Taking Risks Builds Confidence In Children

Taking risks isn’t just about walking over hot coals or jumping out of airplanes. Taking risks can be as mundane as walking into a room full of new people or training your body in new and different ways.

Even for many adults, these can feel like risks! So imagine what a big deal these things are for a shy child who wants to protect their space.

To build confidence in children, we need to encourAZQ them to take risks.

I remember one Spider Monkey, who on her very first day of class, was so shy that she would not let go of Coach Stella’s hand the entire time. But with each class, she learned and adapted, and gradually she felt more and more at ease. Before long she was tumbling and drilling with other children without a care. Challenging these boundaries and growing more confident will inspire her to go on to brighter opportunities.

At some point in your child’s life there will be moments when they are called to step outside that comfort zone: their first job interview, making friends at a new school, or leaving home and venturing out on their own.

At that moment their stomach will be twisted into knots and their palms will be sweating and some part of their brain will be screaming, Don’t do it! Do you want them to give in to that fear, or to take a step forward in spite of it?

The choice they make in those moments will be determined by a number of factors. But most important of all it will be affected by how willing they are to push themselves outside of their comfort zone.

In our Growing Gorillas program, pushing those boundaries is part of a child’s routine training. For some kids taking a risk in class means climbing the rope during comp team, presenting a coaching move in front of their peers, or overcoming resistance to attend for class when they don’t feel like it.

Our experienced coaches know first hand how their training has helped them go far and beyond their own boundaries. Growing Gorillas teaches kids to do the same at a time when learning those skills is essential to their development.

Learning to push those boundaries is not a one-time event but a lifelong practice. Give your Growing Gorilla skills that will support them in all stages in life.