Tip for Student Success at the Gym: Find Your Friends

Many of the SBG Montana Coaches recently traveled to Berkeley, California for our annual fall camp. At the Q&A session on the last day, instructors from all over the world answered student questions on a panel. One of our new students asked what one piece of advice each coach would give to a student that was new to training.

One of the coaches offered that it is most important to make friends at the gym; not what you eat, how much you train, how much you sleep, or what supplements you take. He felt that the most critical part of a new student’s training path was to form relationships with their teammates.

I think that this is even more import for women in the gym. These are the relationships that will keep you consistent in your training. All of the high-level training, diets, and coaching in the world are irrelevant if you do not show up consistently.

Knowing that your teammates are waiting for training makes it far easier to show up on the mornings when it is hard to get out of bed.

I have personally met some of my best friends at the gym. These are the people that have supported me through some of the most difficult times in my life. They have literally saved my life by helping me to fight one of the worst bouts of depression I have ever been through. They are also the people that inspire me to become a better version of myself. I can’t imagine my life without the influence of the women and men that I have met in this community.

It is possible to show up for class, train, and go home without ever forming these relationships. For some it is difficult to “put themselves out there.” My advice would be to talk to your teammates in class, as well as help out at gym events and socials.

Slowly but surely you will find your people. Revel in your teammates successes and support them in their lowest moments. You will never be sorry that you did. They will be right there to do the same for you.

Female students can join Coach Leah and their teammates at our Women’s only BJJ class every Saturday from 12-1pm at the Kalispell location.