Your Brain On Food

We’ve all heard, “you are what you eat”, but now Nutritional Psychology has scientifically proven “you act like what you eat”. Our food intake directly affects our [...]

What Goes In Must Come Out

What Your Poo Says About You If your poo is, shall we say, less than ideal, it could mean a number of things are off with your digestive tract: Blood sugar irregularities Nutrient deficiencies [...]

Get Outside!

Nature can be more than just a destination. It’s a place to restore your mental health. Studies show that spending time in nature: Improves cognitive ability & concentration Provides [...]

Women’s Health Is Family Health

A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. He sat and watched it for several hours as it struggled to break out of the cocoon. The man decided to help the butterfly by snipping off the remaining bit of [...]

Love What You Eat

How you eat is just as important as what you eat. When you maintain good rituals around your meal, you can get the most nutrients while still enjoying them to the fullest! Ditch the diet – [...]

Need for Connecting With Your Tribe

Humans are social creatures. Even though we pride ourselves on our independence and individuality, there is a human need that runs deep – a need to be belong, to be loved, and to connect [...]

Got Sleep?

I used to think I had some magical power that gave me the ability to stay awake all night. I truly believed I didn’t need to sleep when I was younger. But we all need to sleep! Most adults [...]

Breakfast Hacks For Stellar Nutrition

Fueling the body is as important as moving it. Start your day with protein to keep it fueled throughout the day. Quick Scramble. Eggs are easy to prepare and filled with good fat and protein. A [...]

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