Why You Need To Take Your MMA Training All The Way

By Head Coach Travis Davison When I’m sparring with a student I can tell when they think to themselves, “I can’t do this.” They go for a throw or a takedown, and I can feel the moment when they think to themselves, “I’m not sure I can do this.” They don’t commit and stop halfway. […]

Your Life Is Not Like Others. Make It Great.

By Head Coach Travis Davison Every week I get a message from a student who is either traveling out of town or moving, and they ask, “Hey, is there an SBG in _____ .” This is a funny thing to say. They don’t ask whether there’s a jiu jitsu school. They ask whether there’s an […]

Be the Best Training Partner on the Mat

Some of the best BJJ training you’re going to get will be from your own teammates. But that’s only if you are a great training partner. When you’re a great training partner, you make it about the other person’s BJJ training and making them better. And if you think of ways to make the people […]

The Difference Between Great Competitors & Great Coaches

Want to Be a Great Coach? Make Others Around You Better When committing to a martial arts or MMA school, there’s a common misconception that if a coach is a successful competitor, then that must mean they’re a great coach. But being a great coach is a completely different skill set from being a successful […]

Tip for Student Success at the Gym: Find Your Friends

Many of the SBG Montana Coaches recently traveled to Berkeley, California for our annual fall camp. At the Q&A session on the last day, instructors from all over the world answered student questions on a panel. One of our new students asked what one piece of advice each coach would give to a student that was […]