Accomplish Your Goals & Conquer Your Day With One Habit

What does your morning routine look like? Is your routine to jump out of bed at the last possible second, shoving food and coffee down your throat on your way out the door? Or is it to get up at the same time every morning, preparing your mind and body for the day? Do you scroll through […]

Is Breakfast Important For Your Weight Loss Goals?

Even after thousands of years of civilization, the human body is still programmed to live in a cave. For example, goosebumps are caused by a pilomotor reflex, an involuntary muscle contraction that raises the hairs on your skin. Our primitive ancestors had much more hair, and this response kept them warm in cold temperatures. Metabolism […]

Reach Your 2018 Goals With SBG

How To Have The Freedom To Reach Your Goals When you hear me talk about goals such as doing planks, spending time in the sauna, intermittent fasting, or working out with my family in the morning, you may tell yourself “I couldn’t do that” or “I’m not a morning person” or even “I hate planks”. […]

Be the Best Training Partner on the Mat

Some of the best BJJ training you’re going to get will be from your own teammates. But that’s only if you are a great training partner. When you’re a great training partner, you make it about the other person’s BJJ training and making them better. And if you think of ways to make the people […]