How to Make Your Biggest Failure Your Greatest Lesson

By Head Coach Travis Davison At IBJJF Kids Pan Ams this year I was with my friend Rory Singer from SBG in Athens, Georgia, when his son Xander lost a match. Xander put fantastic effort into his match, but he still lost. He came off the mat crying and nursing an injured arm. When it […]

The Do (Not Don’t) Of Effective Parenting

When we teach kids in our Growing Gorillas program how to coach, we teach them that it’s best to coach your athlete on what to DO instead of what NOT to do. Do’s not Don’ts. Better to tell an athlete in the heat of a battle to “Change levels and shoot” or “Get your grips”. […]

The Difference Between Great Competitors & Great Coaches

Want to Be a Great Coach? Make Others Around You Better When committing to a martial arts or MMA school, there’s a common misconception that if a coach is a successful competitor, then that must mean they’re a great coach. But being a great coach is a completely different skill set from being a successful […]