Why Depression Is “The Secret We Share”

“Depression is the family secret that everyone has.” – Andrew Solomon, from his TED Talk, “Depression, The Secret We Share” The Importance of Mental Health It’s easy to assess your physical health. All you have to do is look at your numbers: weight, BMI, cholesterol, or blood pressure. Assessing your mental health is not as simple, […]

Feeling Depressed? Exercise Will Help Boost Your Mood

If we shared what was in our medicine cabinets with our girlfriends, then we would see that we have more in common than we realize. Odds are that if you’re on anti-depressants, then you know another Warrior Woman who is. According to this 2010 study: “Women are far more likely to take a drug to […]

How to Think More Positively & Ditch Negative Thoughts

Do you ever catch yourself in a negative thought pattern? Do you notice disparaging thoughts or worrying about things that haven’t happened? I wish my friends would call me. Why doesn’t my spouse appreciate me more? I have so much to do today. I’ll never get caught up. Why is there so much freaking laundry?!? […]

The Hidden Benefits to Emotional First Aid

What if you could feel less loneliness, rejection, and failure? These are really tricky emotions because they convince you that their destructive narratives are true. My friends don’t want to spend time with me. There’s no way I’ll get that promotion. Of course I gained weight. I’m a fat slob. I’ll always be alone. I’m such a […]

How To Be a Strong Woman Who Makes Her Tribe Stronger

A missing Native American girl, who is from Browning and recently made national news, is close to home yet far away. Browning is less than 2 hours drive from the Flathead Valley, yet it’s located in the Blackfeet Indian reservation with a sovereign government and it’s own law enforcement. It may be easy for you […]

Accomplish Your Goals & Conquer Your Day With One Habit

What does your morning routine look like? Is your routine to jump out of bed at the last possible second, shoving food and coffee down your throat on your way out the door? Or is it to get up at the same time every morning, preparing your mind and body for the day? Do you scroll through […]

Why Fitness Warriors Need Support From Their Spouses

Who remembers to buy the toilet paper in your home? Who remembers to put Ziploc bags on the shopping list? Or cough syrup, laundry detergent, milk, peanut butter, school supplies, Goldfish crackers, or eggs? In this article from Real Simple, “The Invisible Workload That Drags Women Down”, it talks about how women do the bulk of […]

One Simple Routine For a Fantastic Night of Sleep

Besides exercise, sleep is one of the few things that benefits so many areas of your health. With benefits to your physical and mental health, immune system, and quality of life, you can’t afford to not get a quality night of sleep. While you need 7-8 hours of sleep per night, the quality of your […]

How Successful Fitness Warriors Prepare For A Workout

Any great Fitness Warrior knows that what they do before a workout is just as important as what they do during a workout. Besides eating well, hydration is the most important tool a successful fitness warrior has to prepare for a workout. Fortunately, drinking more water is one of the easiest habits you can build! […]

The Forgotten Truth About Eating Before Bed

Few food myths are as harmful as this myth: no eating before bed. The thinking is that it’s bad for you because you’re consuming food when your metabolism is about ready to shut down for the day, leading to weight gain. There are nuances to this that the myth doesn’t parse out. It’s true that […]