How to Make Your Biggest Failure Your Greatest Lesson

By Head Coach Travis Davison At IBJJF Kids Pan Ams this year I was with my friend Rory Singer from SBG in Athens, Georgia, when his son Xander lost a match. Xander put fantastic effort into his match, but he still lost. He came off the mat crying and nursing an injured arm. When it […]

Why You Need To Take Your MMA Training All The Way

By Head Coach Travis Davison When I’m sparring with a student I can tell when they think to themselves, “I can’t do this.” They go for a throw or a takedown, and I can feel the moment when they think to themselves, “I’m not sure I can do this.” They don’t commit and stop halfway. […]

Your Life Is Not Like Others. Make It Great.

By Head Coach Travis Davison Every week I get a message from a student who is either traveling out of town or moving, and they ask, “Hey, is there an SBG in _____ .” This is a funny thing to say. They don’t ask whether there’s a jiu jitsu school. They ask whether there’s an […]

How To Raise the Kind of Leader Others Want to Follow

By Head Coach Kisa Davison In my Spider Monkeys class in Whitefish, I gave a child Move of the Day, because he did well in class. But I learned not long after, that he was hitting another student when the two of them were lined up for their breakout session. Both children were responsible, but […]

What Happens When You Get Frustrated at Something New

By Head Coach Travis Davison I had a student come up to me after Wimp 2 Warrior practice the other day, and she said she was getting frustrated because she couldn’t remember the moves that she’d been practicing. This is a common BJJ white belt frustration. It’s a totally normal thing to experience when you’re […]

How To Have More Hope When You Teach Your Kid Coping Skills

When you’re the parent of “that kid” you feel like everyone is judging you. Your child has a meltdown in the grocery store and you can feel all eyes on you. You get a phone call or a note from the school about your child, and you’re mortified by what their classmates are saying to […]

3 Fantastic Ways Buddy Week Will Transform Your Life

At first Tawny Haynes was very reluctant to start BJJ. Her friend Nelson had been trying to talk her into it, but it always looked intimidating to her. She was so afraid of getting hurt that she put it off for a long time. SBG’s Buddy Week helped her summon that courage. “I came in […]

SBG’s Davison Competes in Back-to-Back Judo Tournaments

DALLAS, TX, NOVEMBER 17TH & 18TH, 2018 – National Judo Tournaments SBG Montana’s Stella Davison competed in 2 back-to-back tournaments on Saturday, November 17th and Sunday, November 18th in Dallas, TX, making strides in a promising career as a national Judo athlete. Davison competed at the USA Judo’s National President’s Cup Judo Championship, placing 3rd […]

How to Conquer Stress & Get Better Sleep

What does a parking ticket, a work deadline, a parent/teacher conference, and an argument with your spouse all have in common? They are all causes of stress. Each of these scenarios may have different levels of stress, depending on how your child performs in school, what the argument with your spouse is, or how many […]

SBG Celebrates Wins, 10 year Legacy at Revolution

TACOMA, WA, NOVEMBER 3RD & 4TH, 2018 – Revolution XXXVIII BJJ Tournament As SBG Montana celebrates it’s 10th anniversary, the years of competing at tournaments across the northwest paid off at this weekend’s Revolution BJJ tournament in Tacoma, WA. Sixteen athletes brought home a total of 23 medals in the youth and adult divisions: 7 […]