SBG Judo’s Stella Davison Charges USA Junior Olympic Nationals

SPOKANE, WA – 2017 USA Junior Olympic National Championships Straight Blast Gym of Montana’s Stella Davison competed in the 2017 USA Junior Olympic National Championships for the first time, displaying her skill and training at this highly competitive event. Davison, age 15, spent three days rigorously competing in the competition’s events, which included: the USA […]

SBG Judo Team Competes in Inland Empire Tournament

SPOKANE, WA, MAY 27, 2017 – Inland Empire Judo Tournament Straight Blast Gym Judo Team’s impressive skills were on display at Spokane’s Inland Empire Judo Tournament on Saturday, May 27th. This was the third year in a row that the team sent its most experienced athletes to the regional tournament with Ryan Asay and Stella […]

PRESS RELEASE: SBG Judo Competitors Make Impressive Wins At US Nationals

Salt Lake City, UT, April 29, 2017 – US Judo Nationals Straight Blast Gym of Montana’s Judo Team competed at US Judo Nationals in Salt Lake City on Saturday, April 29th with each of their competitors collecting medals for their divisions. Keith Treece had two tough fights in a round robin against a 35-year black […]