How To Be a Strong Woman Who Makes Her Tribe Stronger

A missing Native American girl, who is from Browning and recently made national news, is close to home yet far away. Browning is less than 2 hours drive from the Flathead Valley, yet it’s located in the Blackfeet Indian reservation with a sovereign government and it’s own law enforcement. It may be easy for you […]

Stand in Your Power with Warrior Woman Self Defense

What do you hear people say when a woman is the victim of sexual assault or abuse? This?: “She was wearing promiscuous clothing. She drew attention to herself.” Or this?: “The odds are not in a woman’s favor. According to statistics, both you and I have at least one woman in our lives who is […]

Women’s Health Month – Celebrating Life

Dear Friends, We started Women’s Health Month a few years ago as a bit of a response to the tidal wave of pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. Don’t get me wrong. Breast cancer is on my list of “Top 10 Things That Suck’. But, underlying our awareness of things that can go wrong, we should […]

PRESS RELEASE: Women’s Free Self-Defense Seminar Makes Women Into Warriors

KALISPELL, MT, OCTOBER 28, 2016 – Straight Blast Gym of Montana and SBG North celebrate Women’s Health Month every October to help educate and motivate women in the Flathead Valley. SBG provides free classes, inspiring content, community events, and advice from experts on how to enrich their lives and stay healthy. To culminate the month, […]