Aging Parents: the Tougher Conversations

Last year I spoke about my experience with my aging mother, someone who has planned and prepared for her passing, not just on paper, but also has given a lot of time and attention to her health and mental/spiritual happiness as she ages. That doesn’t mean that her aging is “easy”, but it allows us […]

Building a Better Self Image

In my line of work, I come face to face on a regular basis with women and men who suffer from an array of challenges that are based in an inaccurate view of their bodies. From disordered eating to over-exercising, the behaviors are sometimes veiled by their efforts to “get in shape” or “eat healthy”. […]

Learning to Respect Yourself: A Look Ahead at Women’s Health Month

October is one of my favorite months for many reasons. I love the changing colors of the leaves, Halloween candy, sweaters and boots, and yes, pumpkin spice! October is also the month that my sweet, Grandma Annie died in 2010, and during this time of year I like to celebrate her memory and the lessons […]