Yoga Summer Camp With Marla Apt

You don’t have to leave the Flathead Valley for a world class yoga retreat. We’re bring it here to SBG Yoga with Yoga Summer Camp with Marla Apt!

Marla is returning to SBG Yoga for one of the biggest yoga workshops of the year. Coach Sunni shares how making the commitment grew her practice more than she expected.

What motivated you to take the Marla Apt yoga workshop?

I had just moved up to Sadhana from Foundations. I wanted to do some different poses, because I had been in Foundations for 3-4 months. I was kind of tired of Trikonasana. Also, I really wanted to bring yoga into schools. I was trying to soak up as much information as I could. So I got both!

What was your experience with Marla’s yoga workshop? What was she like as an instructor?

She could tell if you were a beginner, the difference between what a beginner needed, what an intermediate needed, and what an advance student needed. But also she’d push you. We did these backbends with this chair and a block underneath our buttocks in three different ways. I was so intimidated. I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but I did! And it was because Marla had confidence in me that I didn’t see. After that workshop, I was like, “I’m just going to try it all!” I didn’t have that before.

Do you feel like your yoga practice grew after the workshop?

Most definitely. Marla showed some cool stuff that I wanted to practice. It totally became at home at my kitchen table with a chair or on the couch.

So the workshop takes place over three days and 2 hour sessions. How does that container make it a special experience?

It’s a work up towards. The first class last year was a Friday evening, so it was a Restorative practice. It was evening time, and you don’t want to get riled up. The following day was standing poses and twists to get us prepared for backbends later in the day. The last day was more standing poses and a lot of nice forward bends to bring us down from the high of our backbends.

So there was a rhythm and flow to the whole workshop?


What would you say to some who thinks that’s too much time to be in a yoga workshop?

I know from all the classes I’ve taken at SBG Yoga that they’ll show you a pose. They’ll demo a pose. They’ll have you do it and have you correct it. So it’s a lot of listening and watching instruction. So you’re not constantly in that standing pose, or you’re not constantly in that sitting pose. They even give you breaks and tell you to relax! Since I went in with that kind of attitude, I didn’t feel overwhelmed or scared.

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