Winter YOMO 2017: Practicing With Light

Welcome to Winter YoMo 2017!

The usual habit when we kick off YoMo is to step on the mat and see all that’s wrong. What’s light, what’s heavy, what’s crooked, what still hasn’t been awakened.

This month, let’s do it differently.

This month, after some serious effort on the mat, take a breath and notice what’s right.

Your heart is lighter. Your leg is straighter. Remember when touching your toes was a challenge? Now, look at those pretty toes!

Then, spread that attention and gratitude to what surrounds you. The house warm, despite the cold. And look at how lightly and quietly the snow flakes fall. The roast in the crockpot is so deliciously fragrant!

Gratitude becomes easier with practice. So does dissatisfaction. This month, let’s practice in the light of all that is right and easy and steady.

We are lucky to be alive. Yoga can be our celebration of life!

Thank you all for your practice. Keep me posted on your progress and gratitude.

With Love,

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