’Tis the Season – For Iyengar Yoga and SBG

If you so dare to ask what a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT) has done to earn the title, you better tuck in for a long, uninterrupted, and passionate story of the power, practice, and awesomeness of yoga.

Certificates are not earned just from a completion of number of hours. Only after being a committed student for years in the Iyengar method and proving yourself ready to your teacher, you might be able to consider teaching.

SBG Yoga takes this a step further by asking its students to commit to a class series that run in a successive learning format.

Unlike most other yoga studios, we don’t use a model that supports drop-ins, because we want students who are willing to commit to the practice.

If you are someone who needs to open up their hips or strengthen the shoulders or improve stability in the knees, then your instructors will know that about you. Just as you have committed yourself to being their student, the will commit themselves to be your teacher.

Fall, the season for assessment and certification, is the time of year to see that process in action. This is the time of year that you’ll see them put through an intense practice of poses that push their limits of learning. It is a time of excitement yet reverence, nervous yet focused energy.

They will join teacher candidates from all around the country to challenge their practice and display their knowledge of Iyengar yoga. Every element of yoga, every obstacle of self, every bit of fire to cleanse one of delusion can be found in the process of becoming a CIYT.

To see the Iyengar Yoga Certification mark is to know exactly the quality and knowledge of the teacher you are taking yoga from. This is why assessment and certification in Iyengar Yoga is a BIG deal!

This 2017 assessment season, we have 3 of our own Tribe traveling for their exams.

So, if you happen to see Ananda make sure to congratulate her on her passing her certification, and give Dani and Julia your blessings for their upcoming tests.

Viva SBG, Viva Iyengar, Viva Yoga!