No Yoga Body, Just Yoga For Every Body

As we look forward to a New Year, Iyengar Yogis commemorate the 100th birthday of B.K.S. Iyengar and his contributions to yoga throughout the world.

With 80 years of practice and experience in his lifetime, he pretty much saw everything! And with 80 years of study and practice, he contributed something truly special to yoga: an approach to it as a universal form.

The Iyengar methodology encompasses every aspect of practice. It follows the original teachings of yoga and then presents them in a practical way that practitioners can grasp at their own pace and level of practice.

As your practice takes root, you’ll observe the physical transformation – better flexibility, agility, and resilience. But the mental transformation will shortly follow. You will learn that you are capable of new limits, and what once felt impossible will become possible.

At SBG Yoga we use the Iyengar method, because it fits so well with our coaching philosophy: that every body can be transformed through the practice of yoga.

EVERYONE has the ability to do yoga. Everyone has the potential to transform physically and mentally.

No matter what body type, what ailments, what energy level, what cultural or religious background, you can transform through the practice of yoga.

Any person can walk in to a Foundations level class and discover something about themselves. From feet to head, we build awareness and stability and encourage an attitude of curiosity with fun in learning.

From that stability and awareness comes a deeper and safer practice of posture and an ability to capture the wandering mind more efficiently.

Want to move? Of course you move! But in the end you will be able to move with better form and awareness.

Outside of class, you’ll find yourself making tweaks to posture and movement several times throughout the day. Body and mind will move at the same pace and with the same purpose. You will move with stability and without injury or overuse of any one place.

After all, “future pains can and will be avoided by the practice of yoga”, not be caused by it.

Props, rope walls, thoughtfully sequenced classes, and highly trained teachers are all other aspects of Iyengar Yoga that help to welcome every person onto a yoga mat.

SBG Yoga highlights the transformative aspects of the Iyengar method with it’s team of 6 Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers, something that is even hard to find in many large cities. Our collective knowledge and experience, not to mention varied personalities and interests, make us a great group to give you the best guidance for your yoga!

What better way to celebrate BKS Iyengar on this 100th anniversary than to give yoga a try! Whether mountain man or ski bum, athlete or desk jockey, SBG Yoga Welcomes you! Give yourself or a loved one the gift of yoga this year!