SBG Yoga Is For Athletes

How Yoga Improves Training for Any Athlete

Yoga for athletes seems like a a no-brainer. It seems logical that an athlete would prefer to prevent an injury that would take them off the mats.

Yet SBG Yoga sees more athletes come to the yoga mat out of injury, rather than make the choice to make it part of their training.

But it is hard to convince BJJ students that yoga is for athletes and to take time outside of their passion to do what is beneficial for long-term balance.

Most don’t like to take time away from the training that they love to stretch and recover. Creating balance in the body seems unnecessary until it isn’t.

If anything you’ll find that yoga doesn’t take you from your training. It makes you a stronger martial artist. Yoga doesn’t take you away from training. Yoga is a part of your training.

A yoga for athletes adds longevity to your training. It allows you to avoid common injuries and enjoy BJJ longer.


If you wait until you get injured to benefit from yoga, then you’ve waited too long. Injuries that bring athletes into the yoga room are prevented with an ongoing practice.

Tight muscles and asymmetries are easily treated through yoga practice.

Body Awareness

Through yoga, you work the same areas of the body as you do in BJJ, lifting, or any other sport, only deeper.

With Iyengar yoga, you learn full conscious control over your movements, align your joints and limbs, and balance overall strength and flexibility. These are all fantastic ways to prevent injury.

Mental Awareness

For athletes who compete, their mental training is as essential as their skills training. You can train as best you can, but you can never expect how the tournament will go.

Even Pranayama and breath awareness can go a long way and keep you centered when the body is under stress.

Your yoga practice trains your mental focus and alertness that mentally prepares you for whatever your opponent throws your way. Not only that but it will steady you as you breathe through those pre-tournament jitters.

With a yoga practice you will move more evenly and efficiently with your whole body and decrease wear and tear in areas that get overused in jiu jitsu.

As a member of SBG, you have yoga right next door! And in Whitefish we now offer Yoga for Athletes on Thursdays at 1:30pm.

Talk to your consultant today to make yoga a part of your training!