Beyond the Asana: Achieving the Full Benefits of Yoga

There’s so much to the practice of yoga that it’s difficult to fit in all the benefits of yoga in a 90-minute class. That is why SBG Yoga offers “Beyond the Asana”. This weekly class has its roots in the depth of Asana and moves toward Pranayama, Pratyahara, and the mental aspects beyond that.

By learning to sit well, relax well, and open up the body, students can be more receptive to the full benefits of yoga practice.

Coach Jennie leads the group and emphasizes how much it adds to a students regular yoga practice.

“Beyond the Asana is a great compliment to your regular 90-minute Sadhana yoga class! Even 90 minutes is not enough time to realize the depth that yoga practice has to offer. Beyond the physical actions of asana, we work with our breath and mind to find balance with the body.”

In class you might get so caught up on body awareness – alignment of the knees, pointing the tips of the shoulder blades forward, and so on – that you miss out on awareness of mind and breath.

“We learn to be more receptive and reflective than merely active in our yoga practice,” Coach Jennie said. “Can we lie in Savasana for longer with alert relaxation? Can we sit more strongly and steadily without tension in the body and work on our breath? Are the fluctuations of the mind able to be settled? These are the aspects we will continue to cover in the Beyond the Asana class.”

Supplementing your practice with these elements makes your practice more adaptable and able to flow with life’s changes.

Coach Jennie continued, “Understanding how to use asana, posture, the body, and the mind in a way that actually serves our purpose is key to the longevity of practice. The body changes with age, injury, and so on. If that is so, how do we continue our practice at a depth other than the physical? This is the beauty and intent of yoga.”

Join us for Beyond the Asana, every Wednesday at 7:15 at SBG Yoga in Kalispell.