Celebrating Women’s Health Through Yoga!

In a practice traditionally dominated by men, BKS Iyengar was ridiculed by peers when his teacher sent him to teach classes full of women. Now, women all over the world dominate this practice!

While yoga can transform any body, it offers countless benefits to women. There are so many in fact that numerous books have been written about them, including Geeta Iyengar’s Yoga: A Gem for Women, the book for women’s yoga practice.

So what does it mean to practice “yoga for women”?

We must simply acknowledge that we are women.

That sounds silly, but we live in a culture that would rather ignore the fact that women menstruate. We live in a culture that views pregnancy as an inconvenience to women instead of an integral part of their experience as “mother”. Even menopause is a subject that is rarely discussed in the open. In this day and age these are still taboo subjects of conversation.

Yoga is a practice of getting to know your body fully and developing awareness of self. That includes intimately knowing the changes that your female body experiences.
To have that intimate knowledge means accepting all the changes and fluctuations women have in their bodies.

As a holistic practice, yoga does more than offer comfort and ease during these changes. It acts as a guide with tools that serve us in every aspect of our being.

Being in tune with hormonal changes, balancing emotional and mental attitudes, and caring for your body are all things yoga targets. And the community of a class largely full of women provides support and encouragement.

Yoga is a practice that views this care of our self as woman as an empowering tool.

You may feel singled out when you have to practice differently than other students during menstruation or menopause. But is your experience any different from any other woman?

Think of even one woman in your life who has suffered menstrual irregularity or abnormality, infertility, cancers of any female organ, and heightened or intense menopausal symptoms.

These afflictions carry more than their share of physical, mental, and emotional consequences. Yoga boosts a woman’s health no matter what stage of life she’s in. And a healthy woman is a woman that can create life, be present for her family and friends, and be the strong powerful force of nature that she was meant to be.

On October 14th, SBG Yoga will offer a community yoga class for women. In this class, we will cover some basic formulas to follow in your regular practice of YOGA AS A WOMAN.

Empower yourself as a woman! Empower yourself with Yoga!