YOMO And Beyond!

Now that YOga MOnth is over we are entering those long days of summer where it’s harder to motivate yourself onto the mat for practice. Even those who filled in their practice logs so diligently might be wondering, what’s next?

How do we solidify, sustain, and support a home practice when there isn’t that YOMO email nudging us and giving us tips and tools for practice?

Those who practiced through YOMO found their stride, but if you’re hitting a lull or starting your own practice, here are some tips to give you a nudge.

  • You do not have to practice for hours to benefit from your yoga practice. One focus pose that fits your day can make all the difference!
  • Scheduling that window of time for your self is important so the day does not get away from you.
  • Yoga can be done anytime, anywhere, with anything as a prop. Trees, kayaks, and picnic benches are just a few of the things you can use for yoga practice.
  • And of course, class is a great booster for any practice we may do at home or on the road. Make the effort to attend class even if you only have a small window in between summer adventures, and your practice will remain strong and steady even through travel.

Remember that The Yoga Room is stocked with sequences for all levels that you can take home with you. These include restorative sequences that are helpful for menstruation, those “off” days that you need to rest, or after big hikes and other summer activities.

And, as always, your coaches are here to support you in any way they can! Feeling a little out of it or just lost in what could be a good thing to practice? Ask your coach!

There are so many fun things to do in yoga that there is never a reason NOT to do yoga! You will feel better, last longer, and feel stronger in everything you do!

Stuck in a car or on a plane? Read something that is uplifting and that will keep you connected to your practice of yoga.

Here are just a few ideas, but a quick Google search or look at Amazon will give you many options in whatever topics you have interest.
The Tree of Yoga – BKS Iyengar
Living Your Yoga – Judith Lasseter
The Art of Happiness – The Dalai Lama
How to Know God – Christopher Isherwood

While you are out enjoying the hot days of summer, keep your inner fire stoked and active too! Support all your summer fun with Yoga!