Be the Change, Be SBG

On Saturday June 3rd SBG Montana is hosting its annual Blood Drive, and while a few brave souls were the first to sign up, we still have several slots that we need to fill!

There are a lot things I could say to convince you to fill one of those slots.

I could tell you that every two seconds someone in the US needs blood and that each year of the 38% of the population that is eligible to give blood, only 10% actually do.

I could tell you that a donation from one person can help more than 1 patient.

I could tell you how much we want to show the Flathead Valley how much SBG Montana cares about the greater community.

All of these things are reason enough to give, but truthfully you need to decide why this is important to you.

What makes you want to give?

Maybe you have benefited from the selfless gifts of others during a difficult time.

Maybe the causes we support hit home to you whether that’s the Abbie Shelter, Toys for Tots, or The Heart Locker.

Maybe you do it because you want to share the values of your tribe.

Whatever your reason, when you support these causes you’re taking part in something bigger than yourself. Make a statement about the kind of community you want to create. Be the change you want to see in the world.


Stop by the front desk & sign up for the blood drive on Saturday, June 3rd!